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 On line booking 

You can now rent one or both rooms of the Vieux Panache Refuge online here. It is always possible to do so by phone at 819 349-8222

Not accessible by car

The relais-refuge is open to everyone as a daytime relay from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and includes two closed rooms that you can rent for the night. The 2 bedrooms each contain four (4) single beds for a total of 8 beds.

(+ taxes)

 105,00 $ / night / 1 room 4 beds 


The Vieux-Panache refuge, built in 2019, is located in the center of the Hereford Community Forest and is accessible for hiking, mountain skiing, snowshoeing and mountain biking. It is 3.3 km from East Hereford parking (via the Neil Tillotson Trail, hiking, snowshoeing and mountain skiing) and 1.6 km from Circuits Frontières mountain bike parking at Lépine Road. It is located at the foot of the skiable slope of the 3-Dams.



It is open to all non-motorized users as day shelter. There are two rooms, each contain four (4) single beds. It is possible to rent a room or both rooms from Mont Hereford Experience. The building is equipped with a wood stove, a dry toilet with ecological tank and 8 single beds with mattresses. A non-potable water access is located nearby (see map) and firewood is provided in a shed outside. Inside and outside benches, two tables, an outdoor table suitable for outdoor cooking and an outdoor fire pit with grill, complete its facilities. Dogs are not allowed and smoking is prohibited. Users must carry their luggage and they must leave nothing after their passage (waste, bottles, etc.). Its large covered gallery and common room offer a unique view of Mont Hereford and its summit.

Open as a day relay from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., respecting the standards relating to Covid-19: wearing a mask and respecting distancing.

  • Because of safety and fire concerns, a maximum of 8 people are allowed for overnight stay in this refuge.

  • Dogs are not allowed

  • Smoking is prohibited.

  • Users must carry their luggage there and they must leave nothing after their passage (waste, bottles, etc.).


  • Your thin toilet paper

  • Your sleeping bag and pillow

  • Your food and your water containers (to carry it from a non-potable water stream near the refuge)

  • Your dishes-utensils and stove

  • Your headlamps, candles and matches


  • Wood stove, firelighters, newsprint, firewood, small wood, and ax d (all three in the shelter outside)

  • Beds and single mattresses

  • Big pot to heat the water on the stove

  • Non-drinking water point (175 meters walk).

  • Dishwashing bin

Please pay your access rights for mountain biking and skiing.  When you rent a bed in our refuge it does not include the access rights.  For more information contact Circuits Frontière. 

See reservation policy

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