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Directly from our campground, you can access Mount Hereford hiking trails via « Sentier du Camping ».Dogs on leash accepted. Infos on Neil-Tillotson hiking trails 

819 578-4605

Plage lac Wallace

Go to Wallace Pond public beach for a swim!   Also a perfect place for kayak and paddle board.  20 minutes from our place!

 Address : 321, chemin du Père-Roy,  Saint-Herménégilde.

Info: 819 849-4443.

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Unique concept, « Café Délices du Terroir » offers you a Menu composed exclusively of local products.

Don’t miss TAPAS Fridays!

Magnifique terrain de tennis double au centre du village d'East Hereford

A superb Tennis court is available free of charge in the center of East Hereford Village.

Bring your equipment !

Pour information: 819 844-2463.

Le sentier poétique Saint-Venant-de-Paquette

Imagined by Richard Seguin (famous singer and writer), The Poetic Trail aims to inscribe the soul of words into the landscape of St-Venant-de-Paquette.

The trail is composed of 14 different Poetic sites. Visit :

Le Sentier poétique

Roselin pourpré

The Hereford community Forest is full of winged specimens. From the “Côteaux Trail”, you can observe birds resting on treetops.

Une bonne crème glacée à la Laiterie de Coaticook

Don’t leave our region before tasting ice cream made from premium milk, cream and ingredients.

Adresse : 1000, rue Child, Coaticook.

La Laiterie de Coaticook Ltée - Ouvrez grand!

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Accessible from our campground via « Sentier Experience »

Don’t forget to pay your access fees.


Based on the illumination of the “Gorge de Coaticook”, its beauties and mysteries, Foresta Lumina is an illuminated night walk very popular in the Province of Quebec.

“Gorge de Coaticook » park is also famous for its suspended bridge which is the longest in North America.

Situated 24km from Mont Expérience Hereford. 

Boutique de la Ferme piscicole des Bobines pour des produits locaux

Les Bobines fish farm offers high quality RainBow trout products in their brand new store. Other local products are also available. Visit :

Boutique | Ferme Piscicole des Bobines (

Jardin Sapins et Merveilles

Along a marvelous trail, bilingual signs provide information on history, legends, technical aspects and environmental practices of the Fir industry.

Voir de beaux paysages par les routes de gravier

Mont Experience Hereford is located near Chemin Beloin and Chemin Coaticook intersection. See this Trail in the Coaticook River Valley.

La Montagnaise Saint-Malo

From the top of this tower in Saint-Malo, you can see the major mountains of the Appalachians from more than 80km and at almost 360 degres. Visit:

Choisir Plein air Coaticook pour le ski de fond

20 km from Mont Expérience Hereford towards Coaticook, enjoy, for a small fee, country skying trails maintained by Plein air Coaticook. 

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Reserve « HEREFORD » or « GOOSE NECK » PODS and enjoy skiing Hereford Mountain. Appreciate the comfort and proximity of theses PODS during winter.

Ski in! Ski out! Just make sure to have beer in the fridge for "Apres Ski"

Ski de montagne au Mont Hereford | Circuits Frontières


Le Baumier Snack Bar

In the center of East Hereford Village on « De L’Église » street near the Tennis court, you will find « Le Baumier » Snack Bar.

Open from May 15th to October 15th, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Cash money only!

Le sommet du mont Hereford est l'endroit tout indiqué pour faire l'observation d'étoiles

Hereford Mountain Summit is a well known site for amateur astronomer and photographer.

Take Chemin Bissonnette on Chemin du 9e Rang to get to Centennial Road. You will be able to get to the summit by car (summer only).

Pour information: 819 849-4443.

Lac Lindsay à Saint-Malo

Lake Lindsay in Saint-Malo is 30 minutes from our campground : perfect for kayak or paddle board. There is a boat access for fishing enthusiast.

Location de vélo électriques chez Velotric à Coaticook

Electric bikes rental. Informations : 873-392-0067.

jeux eau st-herm.jpg

Children water park and rest area located in St-Hermenegilde behind the community center.

Pour information: 819 849-4443.




Tourisme Coaticook

Municipality of East Hereford


We are delighted to welcome you in the mountains!


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